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Join our Travel Food Network Today!

Join Our Travel Food Network Today!

Being in the same business vertical i.e. Food Services, We believe that we can grow forward faster towards our dreams.We cater to bulk food order processing for people who are:

  • Traveling on business trip- corporate, dealer groups, and business people.
  • Religious Group Travellers with Special Food Preferences::  such as Jain food orders or 100% pure veg food orders in trains, airports and bus routes.
  • Wedding Trip or Family Group Travellers. who need a perfect meal plan for their journey.
  • College Trip of Students. group of students traveling on excursion trip.

How Partnering with RailFoodies would Benefit Your Tour Operating Business?

  • Proper customized meal plan for groups are available at competitive pricing.
  • Avail big discounts on group orders.
  • Revenue Share: We offer a share of our revenue for each of the order processed from your end as a commission. 
  • Gain wider visibility through our marketing efforts. It offers you a free publicity in our network.

We take care of the food booking and delivery hassle, leveraging the fully automated and computerized system from RailFoodies. We have the best food tie-ups pan India.

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