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PNR - You will find it on the top left corner of the ticket.

Check PNR Status Online

Yes, PNR it is. The PNR and train details of the passenger are all we need to process the food delivery. Passenger Name Record is the journey details of the passenger noted in the database of the Indian railways. RailMeal wants that the passenger should share this record with us so that the food delivery order can be processed within the required time frame.

It is a 10-digit number which is mentioned in the top of the ticket which is issued to the passenger. The online booking of the ticket also shows the PNR of the passenger. It becomes an identity for the passenger to board the train in India. It is a unique number assigned to the passenger by the railway authorities. It contains the journey details of the passenger. The details include the following:

  1. Passenger details like name, sex, age, and birth preference.
  2. Ticket details include train number, date of travel, from, to, class, berth number, boarding station, and reservation up to.
  3. Transaction details consist of the payment mode, transaction ID, and ticket charge.

This information is enough for us to process the food order of the passenger. Our aim is to make the journey of the passenger a comfortable one with the help of good and tasty food. The deteriorating condition of the food available on board has led to the increasing popularity of food portals engaged in providing online food.

The passenger has to log in the website of our company and fill in the details of their respective PNR. This is good enough for us to undertake the order and start processing the same. We ensure to deliver the food as per the scheduled time. This is possible due to the tracking system available in our company. The GPS tracking system allows us to record the real-time status of the train in which the order has to be delivered.

Our process is very simple. We have associations with diverse food restaurants and eating joints catering different cuisines. This provides an excellent opportunity to the users to consume the food of their choice. We have association with quality restaurants and this allows us to cater to the requirements of the passengers with ease. Our website is extremely user-centric and the passengers can go through the menu and order the cuisine of their choice.

Our delivery system is highly reliable and the professionals deliver the food at the seat of the passenger. The train timings are tracked and the fresh food is delivered accordingly. A lot of planning and execution of the plans goes behind the scenes. We are able to manage all this due to the overwhelming response of the customers. The positive reviews of the passengers encourage us to serve them in a better format. Hence we keep introducing deals and discounts for the convenience of the clients. Our main aim is to make good food easily available for the travellers. Whether they travel in a group or alone; we are always ready to offer our services.

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