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Order Jain Food in Train

Indian Railways is the lifeline of the Indian transportation system through which millions of people commute every day. It is one of the cheapest and comfy modes to travel. Like all the digitized services, Indian Railways have added a flavor in its service bucket by delivering online food in train. This delighted service by IR is a blessing that assures for the great dining experience onboard. From restaurant-style delights to the simple food culture, everything is just a click away.

Food plays a crucial role in train journey experience so make it happen by ordering online food in train. From offering food of every culture, they also have a separate section for Jain people who also travel to train every day. Now, they can easily order Jain Food in train to relish the journey. Now, it is obvious to come in mind that What is Jain Food? Why they are prepared and served in a particular section to a particular community respectively?

Why Jain Food in Train?

The followers of Jain Dharma are strict about their food culture. They avoid consuming food grown under the earth like potatoes, Onion, Brinjal, Garlic and so on. They believe in the concept of “Go Vegan” and consume Pure Sattvik Food. They are determined to their food rules and boycott the wine and non-veg foods delicacies in their diet.

Since their food rules are hard and pure concerned with their religion, Indian Railways has greeted this culture warmly and started serving special Jain Food in Train. Now, it has become easier for the Jain Dharma followers to travel in train because they are offered to enjoy the delicacies of their choice.

Since the food is pure vegetarian and made with proper care, it can also be ordered by the other passengers who love to eat simple vegetarian food during the train journey. The Jain food items that are available onboard are the special Jain Thali in which one can find varieties.

How to Order Jain Food in train via Railfoodies?

Railfoodies being one of the giant online food chains of Indian Railways, serves the food approved by FSSAI and helps to make your journey delicious. They better understand the food emotions of people, so they serve the delicacies with love and care prepared in a hygienic manner. They strictly instruct their restaurant partners to take care of the Jain Food preparations and packaging. They serve a hundred percent pure and hygienic meals on wheels. They do not give you the chance to regret after taste as they offer fresh and lip-smacking Jain items on your respective seats/berths.

  • Go to the official website of the Railfoodies where you will be asked to enter the PNR number.

  • Enter your ten-digit PNR in the box.

  • Select the station where food is expected to be delivered.

  • Choose the restaurant name from the options and browse the menu to order Jain Thali.

  • Make your payment either online or Via Cash on Delivery. To opt online modes use your Credit card/ Debit card or My Wallet option.

  • Place the order and enjoy your food.

Railfoodies onboard food delivery service is available from 7: 00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can also pre-book your meal while booking the ticket or before boarding the train. During the train journey, you may have to face the situation of low network/internet connectivity and you won’t be able to order your food. But, we also provide you with an alternate option to order food in train is via making a direct call. Contact us @ +91 9939708504 and place your order. Our Customer Support Executives are there to assist you. Make sure to order the food an hour before the arrival of the train to the station.

We also run discount food coupons on special occasions. You can apply the Promo Code of that coupon to avail the discount on your ordered food.


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