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Have you ever experienced the fun of group travelling? If not, experience it once in your lifetime to feel the vibes of sitting together, chitchatting, laughing and swapping the stories in a group of friends, families and colleagues. It is the memory that never fades away. While sharing this experience, it brings a smile on your face. The excitement of group travelling becomes double, when it is planned via train. The experience of train journey in India is not less than an exciting activity. Sitting in groups, playing favourite music, the never ending gossips, seeing breathtaking beauty of Indian terrain from train’s window takes you to the eternal bliss of life. Apart from all these, another flavour that makes the journey worth is the fun of food in train. Travellers can now easily order online food in train to enthral the mood of journey. Group travellers can avail the facility of group food order in train on a discount via Railfoodies, the FSSAI approved e-catering service provider in train.

Benefits of Ordering Food in Group

While travelling in a group, one can order food in bulk to avail the discount while placing the order. There are numerous groups that travel every day in trains. It could be the corporate groups, group of friends and family, Students group or wedding groups. #FoodMood is obvious during train journey, especially during group journey. One cannot resist having food during travel. Passengers look for the restaurant style delights to satiate the taste bud in a pocket-friendly price. Railfoodies understand this very well and offers you to choose the options of order group food in train. Here, you are offered with a huge discount on your group food order.

How to Order Group Food in Train via Railfoodies?

Railfoodies goes with a few easy steps which help you to place your food order easily. Go to the official website of Railfoodies and click onto the option of Group order. It opens with a new page where you will be asked to fill the group order enquiry form. The enquiry form needs to be filled with the following details:

  • Name of the traveller:

  • Email Address:

  • Location:

  • Contact Details:

  • Number of Persons:

Notes Message: In this section you are supposed to fill the food options you want to order. You can explore our food menu to choose from the options. After filling all the details, click onto the send option. Your order will be placed and it will be delivered to your seat within an hour.

Order Group Food via Call

During the journey a situation of low internet connectivity arises can create a problem while ordering online food in train. Railfoodies gives you an alternate option of ordering food via direct call. You can directly make your call {{env('SUPPORT_PHONE')}} and order your food in bulk.

Amount to pay for Group Order

The minimum amount for group food order is Rs 2000. The order less than the amount of Rs. 2000 is not accepted. On this order, you can avail the discount and enjoy the food in a pocket-friendly price.

Pre-Book your Group Meal

You can book your meal in advance and you will get it delivered on your journey date. While booking the meal in advance, you need to pay half amount of the food. Rest would be paid via Cash on Delivery after delivery of food.

Enjoy the delights together on best prices with Railfoodies

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